Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now for the beginning

The Holidays are over so now I can get down to writing this blog. Seems I've got a lot to say, stories to tell and some strongly held views on what the future of buses and mass transit in general is all about.
Christmas was a very good time this year. My son and his family came over to visit from Wales and every day was an event. I was able to get Xmas day off and we did the Disneyland thing and a lot of other touristy stuff. Great for them especially since he hadn't been here in 19 years and his family had never been to America. I believe a good time was had by all.
Now I'm a fully fledged Supervisor I'm supposed to be professional but that word is so abused here. It means being some kind of stick in the mud whose only job is to criticize. Real waste of resources and it's not what the upper echelons of management really have in mind but it's how it gets translated at the grass roots. There's too many people afraid of their jobs so they all take the scared shitless route and do what is safe. That is;
Be sweet and nice to the immediate boss.
Be an enforcer to the bus driver.
Do not under any circumstances take risks.
That last like all the other things gets taken to ridiculous extremes. If you see someone of another gender and especially if that person has different color skin, do not hug her/him. Because that is "Sexual harassment" Doesn't matter if you've known that person all your life. If someone sees it and thinks its "Sexual" then there's a big fuss.
Talk about politically correct, this place has gone overboard to the detriment of the company and all the employees.
I've got a lot to say about this stuff and my resolution this year is to take things one at a time and write them. Things like;
The Outlaw Bus Driver, my hero.
Let's have more sex in the workplace.
Working without the rule book.
Stop meeting the challenge and start solving the problem.
and many more.
Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

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